Thursday, February 15, 2018

Welding: The harmony of steel gauge

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Welding involves the skillful manipulation of metal or like mediums by joining softened pieces using a heat source and melded together by means of compression to yield a metallic bond. In many ways, the artistry behind welding can be likened to a sculptural work of art involving attention to detail and advanced demonstration of precise hand-eye coordination. The slightest misstep or miscalculation can mean sudden disaster. That is why at SteelHomes our welders are versatile in working with various steel fabrication, in addition we have specialized teams particularly skilled in the use of gauges (thickness) 10- 22 Light Gauge Steel(LGS) fabrication, and our masterful team of welders who has a combined industry experience of more than 20+ years. All steel fabrication products play an important role if construction, what sets a specialty steel company apart is the ability to understand the strengths and uses to create the harmonious balance. The advantage of using a mix of both LGS and welding fabrications is to create a structurally engineered cost affective and sustainable project. Such as our tower extension at Lauderhill Mall and A+ Storage installation, by creating a design built project and producing it at our facility minimizing extra job hours and errors.

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The engineer, architect, the builders, the contractors, the real estate agents, and certainly the interior designers will all receive recognition in their roles in new construction. What is often forgotten are the contributions of the unsung heroes in construction fabricators-the welders who form the building blocks upon which everything is made. In fact, we realize that the success of our operation as a manufacturing company rests heavily on the skill and dedication of our welding and fabricating team and the smooth process of our project management, which separates us at SteelHomes from the rest. Welding and light gauge steel is stepping to the forefront once more as a powerhouse.

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