Sunday, November 12, 2017

Storms threatening to damage the Caribbean and South Florida

In the midst of the storms threatening to damage the Caribbean and South Florida, the people of these communities find and take solace in the wave of hope washing over them post-hurricane. Already we have seen the national efforts to supply our brethren in Puerto Rico with the necessary equipment needed for restoration. But yet, and most importantly, we have witnessed the collectiveness of human nature. Strangers are donating their sweat and possessions to assist other strangers, connected only by that single, distinctive strand of humanity that urges us towards compassion.

At Steelhomes, we believe in reflecting those same values exhibited by these selfless Samaritans, in our visions, goals, and work ethic. The travesties of these hurricanes only worked to further deepen our pledge to our cause, dedicated to the pursuit of constructing safe, light gauge steel homes, resistant to winds and the disasters that accompany it. Our architects, engineers, and executives execute the perfection of detail in our work for these reasons. Our passion lies in securing your homes, and thus, securing your family- an honor we seek in our craftsmanship.

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